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Co-creating a better work environment

Disputes and conflicts in the workplace affect everyone. But poor communication and information flow can be just as disruptive, often resulting in low productivity, missed opportunities and high staff turnover. 

Bring everyone back to the table and find common ground with the help of our experienced and impartial mediators, facilitators and negotiation coaches. And our expertise as workplace relations specialists will help you create a collaborative environment and culture where disagreement is constructive, making lengthy, disruptive conflicts a thing of the past.

Pro-active vs re-active

Whether you have an active dispute on your hands or want to deal with a cultural issue, we can help. You can choose from a range of workplace relations & conciliation services – from consulting on workplace relations or training your team in negotiation to supporting you with impartial conciliation and facilitation. 

Based on collaborative approaches and principled negotiation, we help you resolve, anticipate and prevent problems through targeted analysis and bespoke solutions.

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Our Workplace Relations & Conciliation Services

1. Consulting & Training

Want to resolve conflict before it even arises? Looking to establish vital communication, negotiation and facilitation skills within your organisation? Then our consultancy and training services are for you.

As workplace relations specialists, we can help you develop strategies for successful negotiations and create a workplace where collaboration between all stakeholders is the order of day!

Available for management, representatives and staff, we offer bespoke consulting, training and mentoring services on topics like:

  • Negotiation & collective bargaining
  • Workplace partnership
  • Negotiating strategies
  • Anticipating, resolving or mitigating potential workplace conflict
  • Running an effective staff council
  • Basic skills for employee representatives

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2. Facilitation & Conciliation

Got negotiations coming up? Trouble finding common ground in a collective dispute? We are workplace mediators with years of experience in collective bargaining, management and employee representation.

Use our skills, inclusive approach and strict impartiality to secure the trust of all stakeholders and find a way forward!

We specialise in conciliation, helping management, representatives and staff:

  • Resolve collective workplace disputes
  • Conduct successful negotiations
  • Consult more effectively
  • Contribute through constructive disagreement and respectful dialogue

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