Going a step further,
a collaborative
approach to workplace
relations & mediation.


Going a step further

In our long career as workplace relations specialists & mediators, we have resolved many disputes and facilitated numerous successful negotiations. But we also know that many issues can be prevented with access to the right mindset and skills. 

At Strathesk Re:solutions, we believe that staff involvement shouldn’t be about disagreement and confrontation – talking things through is the best way to find mutually beneficial solutions.



Trade union expertise

When working with us, you’ll always get straightforward advice, training and solutions that encourage and develop relationships based on understanding, cooperation and trust. Our open, honest and impartial approach ensures fairness to all sides. 

You’ll also benefit from our background in both management and employee representation. Having worked with companies, staff councils and trade unions in the public, private and third sectors, we have a clear idea of their respective interests, expectations and challenges.

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