Facilitation & Dispute
Resolution – identify
& remove roadblocks


Occasionally, problems are buried so deep or are so entwined with personal relationships that busy professionals are unable to locate them as roadblocks to their progress. Our experience in facilitation and dispute resolution, our understanding of organisational development and our unique perspective as outside observers allow us to identify and name those roadblocks and help others turn the key to release them.


Through our facilitation and dispute resolution services, we work with individuals and groups aware that, through open discussion and our clear-sighted abilities to lead that discussion, problems can be worked through, harmony established and goals set. We retain an approach throughout which is rooted in our abilities as communicators and which allows us to keep good humour.

We are:

  • strictly impartial
  • effective listeners
  • inclusive in the way we facilitate discussion
  • skilled at identifying problems and their nature
  • goal-focused and committed to helping others to make progress

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