The future for Employment Tribunal fees?

Applications to the Employment Tribunal in Great Britain have nose-dived since fees were introduced in 2014. But is it good for 70% more people to bite their lip? And is there an alternative to calling their bluff? Recent Employment Tribunal figures show that the total number of claims for unfair dismissal in Great Britain fell […]

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Targetted training!

Strathesk Resolutions waterfall

Strathesk Resolutions Limited deliver customised mentoring and advanced coaching programmes designed to fit your needs.¬† Beginning with a training needs analysis to identify specific requirements, these provide¬†training and assistance in areas as diverse as: Negotiating with employers or employees, Handling bullying & harassment in the workplace, Succession planning. We also offer courses on ‘Working in […]

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Contributing to the debate…!

  Strathesk Resolutions is currently delighted to be partnering with the Workers’ Educational Association to deliver a training course titled “Whit’s Sae Wrang wi’ Human Richts?”. The course explores the history of human rights, the legal framework and the issues surrounding the current Government’s proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of […]

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