I used Strathesk Re:Solutions following the company I worked for making me redundant. Malcolm was very helpful and put me at ease when discussing the issues and situation I was in. He explained the process and what to expect.

I felt that I had been treated unfairly so Malcolm helped me put my appeal together.  I would absolutely recommend Strathesk Re:Solutions to anyone facing redundancy.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, put you at ease at a time that is not great. I felt I could ask anything without being judged for needing to ask.  I thank Malcolm and his team for all their help and advice during that difficult time in my career.

Helen, Edinburgh
October 2020

Malcolm provided practical help in developing our consultation strategy for a complex series of client relationships. As a result, we were able to anticipate our client’s needs and, having prepared appropriately, respond positively, persuasively and constructively. This has proved some of the best value consultancy I’ve ever had!

Ross McLellan, Director, Western Gold Exploration Limited
April 2020

From an HR perspective it has been very productive to use your service. The details of your meetings have been confidential and there has been a new approach to working relationships established.

It is good to know that follow up is available if the parties require it. Thank you for your support.

HR Business Partner, Scientific Research Institute
February 2019

I decided to try Strathesk Resolutions after realising that I wasn’t coping with stress, anxiety, and depression at time of great pressure caused by my line manager and company. I felt very ‘boxed in’. 
A dear friend recommended Strathesk Resolutions and with trepidation I called with Malcolm. My first chat started without me realising it had, such was the friendly, safe environment Malcolm built for his ‘coaching’. During the session I was asked questions which allowed me to explain my issues in my own words, at my own pace, and how they affected me. The following sessions saw me delving into possible solutions [and] a direction to follow to reach a resolution. When the time came for my grievance interview I was prepared for any eventuality. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and as a result the final decision worked well for me.
I cannot thank Malcolm enough for this insight into the grievance process, and how resolution can help me in the future both professionally and in my home life. 

I highly recommend Malcolm and the coaching from Strathesk Resolutions.

Thomas, Bristol
November 2018

I have worked with Malcolm on a number of people issues and am always impressed by his considered and pragmatic approach. He is very much focused on finding a win-win solution where possible and uses his excellent negotiating and influencing skills to good effect.  He is able to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to understand the various points of view, bringing new thinking and common-sense into the mix. I would recommend him for difficult individual and group people matters, mediation, training and developing partnership working.

Gillian Haston – Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development at Highlands and Islands Airports Limited

April 2017

I have known and worked with Malcolm over 15 years and have found him to be consistently professional, flexible and an individual who looks to find a positive solutions. Malcolm is an individual you can work closely and in partnership with. He brings added value particularly around the management of employees, employee relations and conflict resolution.

Gary Love – Director of HR and Health & Safety at Historic Environment Scotland
January 2016

Malcolm was the Prospect Officer responsible for the Forestry Commission when I was vice-president of the branch. He was highly supportive, providing a very professional service to the Branch and also advising on personal cases and on technical matters concerning legislation and HR procedures. He is an excellent negotiator with an extended knowledge of employment law and practice, his charm and social skills enable him to operate effectively in sometimes difficult or conflicted circumstances and he worked very hard on our behalf. I hold him in high regard.

Marcus Sangster – Independent Consultant and Associate Lecturer at Open University Business School (OUBS)
December 2015

I worked with Malcolm when he was Prospect representative for Scotland and Northern Ireland both in his capacity as lead in employee relations and as a trainer for senior representatives.
Malcolm brings insight, imagination and integrity to the table providing creative solutions that bring the best possible benefit to all parties and I would highly recommend his involvement.
A talented leader he brings out the best in those he works with and I look forward to benefiting from Malcolm’s input again in the future.

Paul Gilmour Stewart – Garden and Propagation Manager, National Trust, Mount Stewart
November 2015