About Us

Strathesk Resolutions specialise in helping develop constructive, profitable relationships between businesses and their people by anticipating, resolving and preventing individual and collective problems through targeted analysis, mediation and training.


Strathesk Resolutions


At Strathesk Resolutions, we draw on years of experience working collaboratively and constructively to achieve the right outcome to complex workplace situations.  We deliver straightforward advice, training and solutions that encourage and develop relationships based on understanding, cooperation and trust.

Our open and honest approach ensures fairness to all sides whilst guaranteeing the needs of both the individual and the organisation are properly considered. Having worked with Trade Unions for years we understand the need for clear and concise communication, whilst influencing and negotiating in an expert manner.

You can expect us to thoroughly explore your problems, ensuring that we properly understand the problem before we start working towards a solution.  We will also keep an open line of communication to ensure that you are fully aware and involved in developing approaches.